Thursday, January 17, 2008

tok tok tok

since elli's been to school over the last week, her vocab is very like a "teacher teacher"

"why you dun listen to what i saaaaaay??"

"i dunno what you talking about" (this line sounds exactly like daddy here)

"why you scold me?" "i dun like you anymore" "you make me sooooo angry!!!" "i dun like you foreeeeeeveeeeer" "waaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa"

"i am talking to you..... (use her hand to move your face to look at her) "look at meeee...i dun wan you to...." watch tv or talk to popo or talk on the phone

or instead of calling her "mui mui" sometimes she insists i call her "teacher"

of cos she is not allowed to scold me back....and i will tell her
"elli you cannot scold mommy, that's wrong"

and if she is guilty, she will give a sheepish smile, and her cheeky look then say
"sorriii mommiii" which usually follows with a kiss and hugzzz!


mom2ashley said...

hahahah so cute la...
ashley also talks like that...and wants me to call her teacher.

jazzmint said...

haha that's cute

Anonymous said...

hey teacher mui mui can teach kylie to tok??

Annie Q said...

wow..ellisa can speak so well!! come come..teach my boys.

Sasha said...

alamak ini cukgu very fierce but kiut!

Kelly said...

Kids after school talk a lotzzzzzz!
mine the same...
got a simple tag for you, hope u don't mind!