Tuesday, June 24, 2008

elli the evangelist

sending her to a christian kindy does that to u....hehehe

she can now recite 4 memory verses
genesis 1:1
romans 6:23
1 john 5:17
john 3:16

i then showed the girls where they could get these verses.

this got erika excited about the bible, and she went searching for these verses and started reading them & memorising too....competition mah!

one day elli even asked yeh yeh..."do u know jesus?"
he was so thrilled, he laughed till he teared.


Lian said...

Sibling competition - sometimes bad, sometimes good.

Angeleyes said...

That's a good start! I might just send Darrius to one too since he is quite a handful now. Maybe by having some Christianity faith he will be better.... :P

Anonymous said...

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