Saturday, June 30, 2007

tag - 7 random things about me

Hit by this cutie mommy!

I love numbers, so if there’s a job involving numbers…I won’t call it work coz it’s fun! So daddy happily pass me all (hint! hint!) his pay cheque (I wish la) and let’s me distribute his dough….hahahah…well to be honest he pass me some, must dig for more…gold digger that I am!

I love dogs. I dun remember this but my parents said when I was young I use to ride on one of our dogs. The dog must be “scared for life” (poor thing!) and tries to escape me whenever he sees the super chubby toddler trying to horsie it!

I was the “fattest” kid amongst my scrawny, skin-to-bones cousins and siblings! So I was teased to no end for having a little meat and was soooo huggable!

I am my daddy’s darling girl and yes..he calls me that too! coz it rhymes with my name.

I hate to quarrel
or face confrontations but if I get irritated with someone, or if they stepped on my tail, I can pick a fight with them (not face-to-face) but in my crazy wacky head…and I can quarrel for a looong long time in there!

I love crafts and doing things with my hands…paper craft, clay craft, knitting (use to do it when I was very young). Thought I will pick it up when I am older…eh…now already older…still finding excuse to be older still!!! Hahahaha

I secretly afraid of driving, dunno why? Never had any accidents before. Maybe all my bicycle accidents scare me, so daddy get me a driver k! or Maybe I am so scared of getting lost...hmm maybe install a GPS system may make the diffence?

Have tag a lot of ladies lately…so no tags la…


mott said...


I love the 'LONG QUARREL" in your head bit!!!!!!

I have that ALOT!!!!!but very one-sided!


Mummy to QiQi said...

are u the only daddy's gal?

NomadicMom said...

Lei yau mou kau chor ah?????

You got some meat??????

Then I am Sum Tin Har already lah...

jazzmint said...

u sure boh...fatty fatty? u look so skinny lah

mommy of 2 angels said...

ya i know - crazy right!

but amongst my skinny cousins & sibbling - i was really the FATTEST of them all (that was like when i was a kid la) u can imagine boney those ppl are!

BabyBooner said...

hehehe...cannot believe u were a chubby baby. and you love numbers?! cool la! if i need advice when i start work (i'll be dealing with a lot of raw data!), can i come to you? hehehehe :D

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hhehe...i'm like you...afraid of driving..haven't been driving since i return to msia :( my hubs always grumble abt this cos he has to be my driver :D