Thursday, June 28, 2007

Her Fab Life

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Wanna be in the know of all the latest happenings that a young urban hip and trendy woman should?? Such as up-to-the-minute hottest fashion trends, newest restaurants, bars, spa, beauty salon, hairstyles, perfume, shoes, retail store openings…the list is endless….interested? You can get the latest lifestyle news first hand before the news spread like fire all over town. This new site on social lifestyle community allows you, yes you - woman to contribute contents, filled it up with your knowledge of the most hip, hot and happening mania in your city, you could even talk about events or concerts that coming to your city! You can rope in your network of girlfriends and start contributing to this site…hmm…you could even call yourself ~ expert lifestyle guide (cool!) or something more glamorous if you wish! You may even have a following of fans and become a celebrity in your own right! Hahhaa then everyone will know your name….fame, don’t we all crave for it!