Thursday, June 28, 2007

all ears

one of the teacher's in erika school met an accident, so there was a reshuffle in her school. To cut the story short, she ended up with a new class teacher in a new class…in the middle of school year, quite disruptive, but no choice la.

Monday was the first day for the change and when she came home, she was complaining teacher very very very fierce, dun wanna go to school, I sooo scared teacher scold me….blah blah blah. Me listen one ear in, one ear out…coz its so typical of lil’ girls right?

Tuesday – same story, with more pleeezzz added for good measure

Yesterday, at dinner time, talking to popo and all. Then popo said the teacher pulled her ear….(my reaction what!! Grrrrrr!!) calmed down asked erika, what happened la…must be objective also la…she said she couldn’t do her work properly…(not concentrating…normal lah) then kena pulled ear! Wah…hear already me soo angry…she doesn’t deserve that, it’s not like she blatantly disobey some orders…so what does a mother do? Immediately picked up the phone and call the principal’s mobile…gave her an earful for my daughter’s painful ear…she pulled the top of her ear upwards…wah lioa! Me so heartsick…daddy was like jumping up & down in total annoyance…we never ever whacked her once before, and this crazy woman go and “torture” her!! Request for immediate change of class.

This morning, march to school with daddy and erika to see the teacher…wanna know her side of the story….(still furious inside, but hidden la) once we see the teacher’s face, no shiok lioa…really face sooooo fierce….she gave all sorts of excuses (liar! liar! pants on fire!)

erika moved to another class…we checked out her new teacher…ok pass our first impression test…hahahaha

I looked at the kids in this fierce teacher’s class….i really pity them la (trapped), hahaha, my erika is out of there!!


jazzmint said...

wah how can they do that to kids!!!

CutiePrincessMummy said...

think the teacher oso got no face ledi...

shern's mom said...

maybe that's her stoopid way of demandin respect from little kids. what a shame. no brain.