Thursday, July 19, 2007

the pill

after watching the last episode of desperate housewives, edie (the hiao por) swallowing those pills and then swallowing her death becoz of it.

daddy asked why dun you try the pill?

mommy...oh...(why suddenly say like tat?) but then think...hmm good idea hor...but think again bad idea hor...coz i gotta remember to religiously take it wor, meaning gotta put reminder in my scheduler in the PC at home, work, notebook, in my mobile, daddy's mobile...wah i need a team just to remind me to eat it every day, same time summore. this is tough, even though i have never tried it before, i already can feel the dread of the ritual.

then daddy said, you really should be on the pill la, coz.....

the pill got side effects!!

the side effects is that you will get fat!!! ahahahhaa!

crazy idea!!! you think the pill is my weight management solution ah?? what if it doesn't work on me...aiyooo the extreme we go just to gain weight!

but then after hearing so many comments about how skinny & gaunt i am....maybe i should resort to the pill to gain weight~~maybe really got positive side effects mah!!!

psst...summore no more win situation!! dunno la...this needs more discipline that i can cope?? maybe not's too craziiii

but if u wanna lose weight...i know that u could get Phentermine without prescription online.


Annie Q said...

come come come, i donate some of my "fat" to u.No need to go on pill!hahaha

Chiwi said...

Hehehe totally agree with annie q. want some? I've got quite a bit spare!! hehehe :p

HMom said...

hehe - i dont think the side effects affect everyone

Simple American said...

I think eating has a better chance to fatten you up honestly. But honestly. Thin is better. Easier on your heart and organs. You get too much for your bones and joints and it can be very uncomfortable. Boy don't I know.

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

Ha ha... I can donate my fat too if not enough.

Yeah eating pills scares me as I am hopeless in remembering to eat medicine.

藍正龍Blue said...
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小小彬Bing said...
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日月神教-向左使 said...
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