Thursday, July 19, 2007

chinese no like this tag

Surprised to be tagged by a daddy on this inauspicious 4 4 4 4 4 tag! he gwailo lah, that's why dunno kua. hahaha even though i know why chinese say this number bad…but I feel I am lucky with this number.

4 About Me.

4 Jobs I Have had in my Life:
1) when I was in primary school I remember I worked in my neighbour’s house doing printing of plastic bottles (during school hols, really cottage industry & child labour goes hand in hand)…it was sooo boring…place bottle on the printing screen…print it…take out bottle….but the fun part was getting paid at that age!

2) promotion sales girl – even if you dun sell anything, you still get $100 a day… it was a great job…but as I said on promo only, so shortlived la…this was during collage days. The best part, get to hang out in malls and get paid!

3) also during collage days, work in an events organizer assistant means assist everything and everybody la. The best part, get to eat hotel food, stay in hotel and jump on the hotel beds!

4) my current office job, one leg kick.

4 Countries I have been to on Vacation:
1) Turkey…historic, beautiful but the people will try to cheat you every chance they can get!! If you dun love lamb…better bring your own food.

2) South Africa, wild, totally exotic, but my skin couldn’t take the dry winter…painfully cracking!

*shucks!* even had acne, so i searched the authority on acne to get my normal skin back!

3) Bali…pampered to the max…love it…wish I dun have to leave the villa forever.

4) Hong Kong….food, food, food and more food. love cities that are surrounded with water.

one place i wish to visit is Spain, coz i love the food! of cos the beautiful scenery and places of interest, even the culture is just so colouful & beautiful. can't wait to plan a trip there and book into Hotels in Madrid or Hotels in Barcelona . if you read spanish you could try Hoteles en Barcelona.

4 of My Favorite Foods:
1) desserts – crème brule, choc cake, meringue, cheese cake, loads of cream ….

2) crabs…especially fried in salted eggs…anything with salted eggs is yummy.

3) sour food like assam laksa, tom yam, rasam, preserved plums, sour mangoes (salivating!)

4) good piece of thick kobe beef on the grill…with foie gras on the side…ok sinful but yummy.

eh...i got a lot more....better stop here..else think i really greedy pig.

4 Places I’d rather be Right Now:
1) Bali…doing nothing but lazing horizontally, reading a book

2) shopping in Bangkok or Hong Kong

3) on a hot air balloon, visiting a safari in south Africa

4) actually snoozing in anywhere comfy la…will do…a hammock by the beach hugging my girls on each arm.

4 Friends I’m Tagging:

1) wmd
2) chinneeq
3) milkmaid
4) mommy corner


Mummy to QiQi said...

i also became promoter in shopping mall after my SPM...shiok hor shopping everyday....thanks so much for having me in mind....just did mine yesterday...

The New Parent said...

Hi M2A--Bali, pampered? Sounds very nice (smile).

Now how old were you when you printed plastic bottles?

Thank you for doing this tag!

Lovely Mummy said...

i have tagged u....

Simple American said...

Got to giv us gwai loh leng chais a break. :P Okay. Maybe I am just a fei chai. ;)

I remember when I am buying a house. We have to look at the numbers. If there is a four I just tell the realtor forget it. My missus will not even go inside. lol!

Enjoyed your fours.

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

Done! Thanks for the tag.

shoppingmum said...

hai ya, I've just done this tag, tagged by another blogger. :)