Monday, July 23, 2007


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Different people have different uses for drugs. Some see it as a tool for healing, pain relief, others a remedy for recreation or fun, while others sees it as a tool of destruction. However way you view it, we all can’t live without it, one way or another. Drugs have been around for the longest of time.

Getting prescription drug addiction treatment is becoming more common nowadays. Maybe that’s because we are now addressing it more openly as we talk about it candidly, honestly and face it as a real problem of the times. It’s no longer a problem for celebrities alone, it’s a problem that hitting on our own home front! This is really depressing and destructive to families, as it affects every single member, it’s worse than the plague; it’s like a horrible cruel curse.

How do I know this? Well, my family is a sorry statistic that this can happen to just anybody, famous or otherwise, rich or otherwise, happy or otherwise, crazy or otherwise…and the sadness and anger and woe that it brought along is just too heavy a price to pay. So I tell my daughters these very wise words…stay away from drugs. Prescriptive drugs may seem harmless but when you abuse it, it’s still a drug and it’s dangerous, even lethal sometimes. How do you know that if it happens to your love ones? Notice if there are behavior changes, lifestyle changes, even actions and deeds change.

Fortunately there is now so much help available nowadays on prescription drug addiction treatment that if you seek help, you will surely find it! There are online portals that offer free advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or many, many centers in your city or town that have open doors to assist.

So give yourself a chance, seek help, its only a call away!