Monday, July 02, 2007

khoo koo klan

ya if you read the title fast enuff, the sound of the title could go awry and u say the "wrong" word...or maybe even end up like ku klax klan...coz some of us are "khoo" others are "koo", i even have a cousin whose name is koo keng kong!! so dun play play ah! we have king kong as part of the klan.

the sad part was, after all my effort of making this "cut out" sign, no one in the klan understood it??? they kept asking me what is a klan ah?? oooiii never go school wan ah? family la = klan! hahahha

anyway...we had a big family gathering this time, it was kong kong's family meeting up after years and years of hibernation!

some how they say they wanna meet at our house, sure la, no problem, (heard it’s good fung shui to have loads of people gathered in your house wor!! hehehe) guess i am lucky to have a piece of real estate that's convenient to every klan member!

i digress, so sharp at 6, the klan started marching in…and they came and came and filled-up the house to the brim...on the porch, dinning room, living room, entrance, deck...since it was pot luck the yummii food (mostly bought...hahaha) only popo cooked her famous assam laksa, fried noodles and spaghetti.

The only time I experienced this many people in the house was on the eve of our wedding nite…wah lioa and this is only less than half of the klan…kong kong has 11 sibblings...they were productive leh!

then po po started them on writing out the family pens and papers were taken out and everyone tried to jot down their tree...guess who end up putting the branches and leaves!! how did i end up with this task??? i dunno how i got volunteered??

I could recognize most of my cousins but their children and their children’s children…(told you ~ very productive family lah)…was a total lost to me!

erika, ellisa and synn-yi was so mesmerized by their new cousins, especially the good-looking spiky hair kor kor! Hahaha, guess we better meet up more often.

the old, the look-a-like contest.....see who looks like kong kong??

the future generation

the kids had fun time playing, chasing their newly found cousins, and making friends.

after makan, the older folks happily brought out their own entertainment - mah jong and started "swimming" and making $$$. end up like gambling den with 2 mahjong sessions.

the ones that could not grab a hot seat on the table, started entertaining themselves with songs...ya singing and croooning was a full moon wonder la!

it was fun fun fun, we should do this more often!

more photos here....

the early birds get to eat first

just for fun....let ellisa blow the candles on the homemade yummilicious choc. cake from "ah har"

kongkong carry me....carry me pleezzzz...

the only proper group photo taken!!


Mommy to Chumsy said... do have a big family..that's so great :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

having only 3 of us at home here, me, hb, and is so quiet. In order to add noise to our house, one good way is to hold celebration for family here, such as CNY open house, in-house birthday celeb. even qiqi is happy to see her house full of fun.

mott said...


so u can hold bloggers' party there la!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! PARTAY!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, this gathering was a fantastic effort! Kudos!!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow.... looked like a very 'yuet lau' and fun gathering.
Am surprised that u were once a fat kid coz u look so gaunt now.

IMMomsDaughter said...

I salute you for being able to organize such a huge gathering. If left to me, sure I won't volunteer :P

The New Parent said...

Hi M2A--just wanted to let you know I linked to you from my blog. Thanks for your link (smile)!

NomadicMom said... eyes only zoom into the satay....

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

that was a big gathering/reunion! you got a big family...i love family reunions too, but sometimes it's just sad that after the party seems like you don't know each other again (this is for clan reunions)

you must have been very tired after the party...being the gracious host that you are

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Waliow.... so many people. Young and Old ... Give yourself a pat on the back for organising such a feast. Wei, can part time be event organiser liow.. :D

Annie Q said... agree with MOTT, next time we can arrange blogger party at ur house lioa...hahahahaha
And u will be the organiser!!

jazzmint said...

wahh that's reallly a big party!!!

shern's mom said...

what a nice to have such big gatherin and suddenly it felt like chinese new year right. your house is huge i can see.. nice.

BabyBooner said...

oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh i loveeeeeeeeeee large family gatherings!!!!!!!!!! i have a HUGE family myself (believe me it is freakin HUGE) and i love it when we gather! although tak muat rumah though....

'Seng Kor' Gang said...

Hi, it's me, Yeong one of your "cow-sin" (the drinkers) brother and naturally one of the Khoo Koo Klan (not to mention as the King Kong bro). I have to say it was a fantastic night and I have to say a big thank you to you & Kelvin for providing the space, drinks & everything. Can't wait to see the Klan's family tree (very healthy tree indeed). Cheers!