Friday, July 13, 2007

i dun feel the love??

the other day, yeh yeh came to visit the 2 girls. whenever he comes, he will sure bring loads of goodies to "tempt" them. so this time, he brought along cute bags, hair clips, hair band, girlie stuff all for erika, except for a toy milk bottle for ellisa...she love the toy though.

i dunno at this you think ellisa knows the difference??

well her reaction says it all...she dun play play with yeh yeh (must be soooo dissapointed!!! really didn't feel the lurrve! hahahah) her face also *change* (bluee mood)...i guess no eye see la...wat to do? ellisa seems to know her math well and have good logic sense that one is less than 6,7,8 or 9 prezzie that che che has!

then when yeh yeh left,

ellisa: "yeh yeh love erika"
me: "no yeh yeh love you"
ellisa: "no....erika"
me: "who love ellisa"
ellisa: "mommiii love ellisa"

you see she so poor thing or not...must give her more love lah! the thing is her line never change even after many many repeated attempts to psycho her...pengsan or not!

yeh yeh felt soooo bad...he couldn't believe ellisa can react like that!

well i wish yeh yeh will get her these educational toys to cheer her up instead of battery operated toys that don't stimulate her creativity... i would love to see her play with creative toys such as Ceramic Clays, arts and crafts materials and Modeling clays. I think she will enjoy it too and maybe change her mind about yeh yeh!!


milkmaid said...

*me first me first*

Is so cure when they can start talking yah??

HMom said...

I think she will realise as she is almost 2. But its not the gifts, it the time and attention that matters

laundryamah said...

yerrr... y the yeh yeh so pin sum one?

Angeleyes said...

aiyoh... poor ellisa... she must have felt so sad that che-che has more pressies then herself...

we can't underestimate these kids now... there are smater than we thought!

Anonymous said...

Hi M2A--it seems like it's become clear to ellisa that her sis is getting many things and she is not. Also, if yeh yeh makes a lot of fuss with giving to erika, then ellisa will notice even more.

Presentation of gifts to little ones has much to do with how they respond.

I agree with angeleyes "we can't underestimate these kids now ..."

Mummy to QiQi said... pity ya....with 2 kids, sometimes it is quite difficult to balance out with our act, as they tend to judge our action. adults too, whats more lil kids with tender lil hearts..

mott said...

aiya..just tell erika to share with ellisa la..

of course, they feel jealous at young age....already now, cannot share toy!

poor ellisa!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Yalor why yeh yeh so pin sum wan? My mil and sils used to do that too... they'd buy lots of clothes for Alycia but none for Sherilyn coz they say Sherilyn can wear all the hand-me-downs fr Alycia but if buy new clothes for Sherilyn, no one to hand down to. I've hinted subtly that they shd not be so pin sum. I think they got the both gals get gifts and clothes the same number.

BabyBooner said...

awwwww .... poor little darling....

nevermind la, now yeh yeh knows that ellisa will react that way, so next time he'll bring equal gifts, i bet :)

sometimes my parents can act like that too because they "accidentally" overlook the smaller grandchildren la..