Tuesday, July 31, 2007

reading glasses

I remember the first time I had my eyes check; I was still a teenager then with acne problem and dealing with acne creams.

I was quite dissapointed when I was confirmed a "four eyes". No thanks to watching too much telly or reading under bad lighting! Wearing glasses for the first time was awkward, it was tough getting the “right” glasses to fit my face!

Back then, choices were limited so were my parent’s budget. Wish I knew of the huge selections of Wholesale Reading Glasses available on the net and at such reasonable prices too. Surely it was all within my parent’s budget since it's wholesale, no middle man involved.

This website Wholesale Readers also gives you an opportunity to make money selling glasses, if you want some extra pocket money! Their collection includes great looking reading glasses to glorious looking sunnies to brighten up your face and protect your eyes.

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