Sunday, July 01, 2007

beauty treatment

aunty wendy roped mommy into a special facial day on saturday....just for the 2 of us...complimentary of amex and sisley. (great having frens with so many credit cards and priviledges) popo voluntered to take care of you girls so mommy can have some girlie pampering time at the westin. it was fun, we had a facial plus hand massage and door gifts...i could get addicted to this easily...hehehe thanks aunty wendy! doing the facials on the "heavenly bed" of westin was a great treat...wish we could just laze there the whole day, in full indulgence. see what a beautiful box i got!

i hope i dun end up getting any addiction treatment that's all...LOL.

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Annie Q said...

Wow! So envy la, i also wannnnnn....