Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Watching over You

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Daddy has suddenly gone goo goo gaa gaa over collecting beautifully crafted and interesting watches. The great part is that daddy will share his watch collection with mommy..yeah, daddy is really generous with his "toys". Luckily for us, in the watch fashion world, there are no clear lines or distinction between men or women watches, we can share most of the timepieces! Yahoooo, mommy is happy, daddy is happy ~ win-win combination!! Unless of course the watch is a real ladies watch with diamonds and in a dainty bracelet, daddy would definitely not wanna show off that timepiece on his manly hand.

Well, with the money that mommy has earned from blogging, it’s time to go online shopping for some watches…this time mommy will treat daddy to a nice watch from AM ONLINE SHOPPING – an online shopping website that sells watches. At the moment, I am eyeing one of those sporty Casio G-Shock Watches for daddy…here’s watching over you!! hahaha...