Tuesday, May 22, 2007

kena tag max

aiyoo once you kena one tag...dunno why snow ball effect...now i kena 3 tags

from laundryamah...

My fansee….who are you??? (Tag)
huh? i where got fansee...me just a mommy la...all my readers are frens, relatives (forced them to read especially daddy) and people that i have lunch with in my office...and all my blogger frens that i bump into thru the wild wide web! i just tag at random la....all fave loh...no favourati-sum ok...i blindly tag only.

a for allyfeel with her handsome son and another on the way
b for blurblur with her cutie son and another on the way
c for cutie princess mummy with her 2 beautiful princesses
d for demoments with her darling daughter
e for etcetera mommy with her adorable son
f for...oii no f la!!

so you a-b-c-d-e mommies go do the tag!!

got a food tag but i few weeks procrastinate...now i dunno who tagged me...solly dunno where to find also...totally gone case...me so lost!! if u know who u are...please tell me k?

got the name tag for my girls by...mummyinvain
put this here so i will remember to do it soon!! hahaha next few post la


Etcetera~Mommy said...

Oops.. doube tagged for this edi.. Hahahah.. Okay okay will do my homework. :)

Lovely Mummy said...

good mah, got so many tags for u. thats mean u r so famous...LOL

chinneeq said...

i still hutang one name tag, thanks to hubby who has forgotten how to write Qiqi's name, anyway will do this first.

Leah said...

food tag is from Leah:-)
the link: http://joymontessori.blogspot.com/2007/05/my-favourite-hakka-lei-cha.html

mommy of 2 angels said...

leah ~ thanks for the reminder..old ledi, like tat la!!

Allyfeel & bb said...

wah wah..so lucky kena tag again by 2 pretty angel's mommy. ;) Gotto kick my lazy butt to do the tag o.