Thursday, May 10, 2007

me sick

the good news is after the heart scan, daddy's heart is as good as it can ever! thank god...he must have healed him, coz his earlier scan show some blockages....also thank popo for all the juicing! i was so happy and relieved so was daddy coz he just had 2 friends with serious heart problems, one had to do balloning and the other had a massive stroke! was sooo depressing to hear about them.

but the bad news is i am sick sick sick, with high fever due to the bad sore on mega dose of antibiotics..i was already very sick yesterday but no choice had to fly to singapore for a meeting, so dragged myself up and go la....came back in the evening, felt 100 times worse...still wanted to go office today after i go see doc (cos i have a big meeting end of this month and still
lots of things not done!! die la) so at the clinic daddy was like scolding me....

d: you call ur boss and tell him you cannot go in la
me: aiyah, how to finish summore he going on vacation next week, gotta pass me all the work by this week la
d: u so sick already, i am not sending u to office after this
me: please la
d: then u quit your job la
me: huh?? are u sure??
d: (of cos not la) i bet you yor boss will double your salary la if u quit
me: pls la...(shivering from the fever, no strength to talk summore) (thinking pls ah, not dengue fever...please!!)

in the end of cos i didn't go to office la, now at home recuperating...thank god not dengue too.

back to daddy, he has very bad sleep apnea, so at the moment he needs to wear the air mask to sleep la, then he will see the doc next week and see other options, cos its very hard sleeping with a mask!! the girls think he's like the "alien" with the mask and the tubes...erika was so scared but ellisa was so curious, poking and proding away.


Grace said...

sick also work ah..salute u!! Hope you feel better now.

huisia said...

Get well soon! :)

jazzmint said...

good to hear that he's OK :). hey get well soon for u

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Thank God! Good to hear that daddy is ok :D All those worrying made you sick too, I guess ;) Have a good rest.

Annie Q said...

Take care and get well soon!!
Glad that daddy is ok!

ryeli said...

hi, good to hear that daddy is well but not good to hear that you're not feeling well. get well soon! take care!