Monday, November 19, 2007

baby baby!!

Shitty Sunday, whole day in the dumps, lived next to the throne so that I could run there in time and dun even ask me how many times I sat there on that day. thanks to all the binging on saturday, i dunno which food is the cause of the whole crazy loo episode.

So today ran to the doc to get some meds so that it would stop, coz I think I lost 1kg in a day. Not bad for a very successful slimming program, unfortunately I was not aiming for that. worried about baby though.

By mid-day I was way much better, but I saw I had a missed call from my gynea. Any calls from her means bad news. I returned the call and the double blood test result turned out positive. I was disappointed but not devastated, since this test only tells me that I carry a higher risk but does not say anything else - just a statistical number and not a diagnostic tool. Coz all my scans have been very good so far, I have faith that all will turn out well when I see my gynea tomorrow. I have already decided not to do the amnio, daddy agrees with that too.

i spoke too soon...i am back in the dumps again...guess i have more reasons to visit the gynea tomorrow.

will see how tomorrow goes...hope tomorrow is a better day.

***additional info:
These are 'screening tests' that measure the level of hormones in the blood and provide an 'estimation of risk' for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome and Trisomy 18 and ventral wall defects (abdominal wall defect). *** (request from Mott)


babyfiona said...

aiyo..hope you will feel better tomorrow. Take care of yourself and your baby ya.

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

Will pray you in prayer tonight.

Mummy to QiQi said...

hope everything goes well...:P

huisia said...

Hope nothing is serious there. take care.

allthingspurple said... poor thing !! Hope you get better with the medication !!

Grace said...

hope everthing is ok, take care.

mott said...

Ya..I know what you mean. Panic panic panic. I pee-ed last nite...and I thot blood was clumping out. Panic panic panic..

Even when u think u n baby r ok..u still have something at the back of the mind, something may go wrong!

Anyway, I pray everything is ok. Errr...can remind me ah...double blood test, turning out +ve means what ah?

I forgot everything la!

Lian said...

Sounds very gloomy. Hope things work out okay and you start smiling again.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

sorry to hear about this. hope everything will be fine *hugs*

NomadicMom said... many things that need to be tested.... Hope everything is fine at the gynae tomorrow!

jazzmint said...

hope u are better now

ilovepearly said...

I wish you the best! Hugs!

Health Freak Mommy said...

My friend's triple test also turned out positive - 1 in 80 chance of getting a Down's bb. She went ahead with an Amnio and turned out the bb was ok.
But if I were you, i'd go for the Amnio. You know me lar, being a worry freak, so i'll just do it for peace of mind. I'd done mine and it's not that painful.
Hey, i also had a bout of diarrhea last week.

mom2ashley said...

i hope everything will turn out ok!:)