Friday, November 23, 2007

testing 1 2 3

Before going into the gynea office we were so optimistic about the whole test results. Then when we met the gynea and as she was explaining the statistics, the probability, the risk and the chances…even though ours are like only 1% (1 in 95), she made it sound so terrifying.

We asked all sorts of questions, saying that the scan showed a perfect baby, but she said even that is not guaranteed. Since i know numbers, I almost wanted to ask how the whole risk thing is calculated, what if I was a little heavier, what if I was the baby dates were not right, what if…but the knot in my tummy and my throat was already tightening and I tried my best to speak as normal as I can. I can feel blood draining from my face.

Actually the double test result has an error of about 40%, so go figure la!! Which means half the results are false…man why did I even bother to do the test…crazy or what??

The gynea even scolded me for doing the test since I wasn’t gonna do anything about the baby…like terminating, but at that time, I didn’t even realized that she was scolding, i was so numbed.

After walking out of the gynea office, my head was still swimming with the numbers and the statistics. I just trial behind daddy as we walked to the was just like a bad dream.

I was still adamant that I would not pursue this further coz I have no intention of terminating, but daddy didn’t think so, but he dare not push it. He just needs to know!!!

Since we went down this horrible testing path…I guess we should just get it over and investigate further with the diagnostic test. I have no fear of needles and it’s just another test, so we went for our amnio.

The amnio test was almost painless and fast. Daddy was the nervous wreck and he wasn’t the one being poked! Man ah!

since we need to scan 1st before the amnio, the doc said it may be a girl...wah when daddy heard that he was ecstatic...beaming from ear to ear...then after we left the doc's off...he started smsing his frens and telling them he's gonna be daddy to 3 princesses! all i want is a normal healthy strong baby.

Then we found out that there are a new test (yes!! never ending) that is able to screen for downs even when you are in the 1st trimester…should have know that earlier. It is non-evasive, just a blood test to test beta hcg and papp-a hormones. The detection rate is about 95%, which is great la! If only I knew about it…oh well, no more next time, just pass this info for your education la!

**still in the dumps, will really need to go see a gastrologist or someone who understands the tummy if this persist another week!


mumsgather said...

Hmm. The gynae should not have scolded you. Lots of people do the test even if they have no intention of termination but to prepare themselves mentally etc to care for the baby. I hope you are well, physically and emotionally. Its such a roller coaster ride, being pregnant I mean.

Jacelyn Chew said...

don't worry too much. everything will be fine. just think it positive. ur thinking and health directly affect ur baby's growth ya?

if u r free, this is my AWARD for u...

mott said...

wah..she shudn't scold u leh...what kinda gynae is this?

haiz... hope the amnio will turn out alright! take care *hugs*

laundryamah said...

i can imagine how she scolds u cos I kena from her the last time too! It's just her style la....but if I were u..I wouldn't go for all the mut test mut test lor...but anyway..what's done let it be..most important concentrate in taking care of ur health!!

Wow K's angels!!!!!!! (at least u will have that problem I have with Kieran la...lucky u!)

NomadicMom said...

Waaa...these days so many tests available! Can imagine the dilemma of "want to test. don't want to test. want to know. don't want to know" kind of feeling!!

Don't worry lah.. sure everything will be okay one.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

sigh...i wonder why some gynaes like to scold. can't they just dish out advice nicely? btw.....i am a bit lost. u need the amnio because of the dumps you are experiencing?

Blur Mommy said...

Wow, shouldn't your gynae be more professional? Anyway, I also did the amnio without thinking abt terminating but like what MG said, more to prepare myself mentally & medically. Hope that everything will turn out well for u.

huisia said...

don't worry, i think nothing serious there..ya, go for amnio, at least can get peace of mind.

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Black list the gynae! No worries, am sure all will ok la...

Mummy to QiQi said...

thanks for the info. I din even know such test for down exist even in the first trimester !

Health Freak Mommy said...

I'm glad u did the amnio, just for peace of mind. Hehe, we're going to hv a charlie's angels club.
Not that painful right? It's good that ur hubs loves girls and he's so funny to hv SMSed his friends haha.
Can i hv ur email add? MIne is

Annie Q said... i too late here?
Anyway, hope everything is fine. U take care ya. (((HUGS))))

shern's mom said...

a girl! congrats.

you'll be fine. the doc is just too mean.

BabyBooned said...

i'm whacking the gynae in my mind for scolding u. i do think u had enough on your mind so there was no need for her to scold you. sigh. anyway, i hope things turn out okay no matter what. God willing!!