Wednesday, November 14, 2007


when i saw erika all prep-up in her graduation gown and square top...i felt a tinge of fast all grown-up and "leaving school".

by end of this week, she will be closing this kindy chapter and entering a new chapter in her life...but i am also so proud of her...she has gone so far, achieved so much and is "moving on"!!

pictures of her graduation

when we got to the hall, erika was in bad mood, just woke her up from her beauty nap...concert starts at 7. her class teacher prepping her up for the big event.

graduation class of 2007

in full graduation costume.

in the concert, she acted as the water, and mommy had to make the costume....wah pengsan...gotta do sewing!! if u look closely at the blue kaftan, u can see that all the hand sewing all senget one! i remember in school it took me a year to complete an apron so it was a big achievement to get this done in a day, even if it is sewing 2 crooket lines. tried doing the head the end used teacher's one.

at the end of her drama, sitting and making funny faces.


Mummy to QiQi said...

so nice u could sew yur gal a gown (can't see also if it is senget, hehe)

kiasumum said...

wahh... u so good in sewing arr at least u save the cost, but for my son's concert, we hv 2 pay RM100 for the custome, so expensive somemore oni wear once. :(

laundryamah said...

wah u actually sewn the costume! bravo!!

BabyBooned said...

bravo on the costume ;) congrats erika! she's such a sweet, friendly girl.

jazzmint said...

wahh the grad gown very nice leh!!!

and she look so pretty in white dress.


twin said...

mummy must be so proud. congrats!!

Anonymous said...

She start looking more happy at the ending. hehe

Sasha said...

her last dress is so NICE!!1 berlayer layer samo

Big Pumpkin said...

Hey, havent been here in awhile! Erika looks gorgeous, cute and adorable...!!! Mommy must be so proud.