Monday, October 29, 2007

japan - tokyo & fuji

final post on japan

arrive tokyo, was mesmerized with the city, so vibrant, people everywhere, non-stop movement...

since october is a celebration month - birthday, anniversay, so what better excuse than to splurge on a great we went hunting for the best food we know...the famous kobe beef. went to ginza and instead of looking at the gorgeous shops and latest gadgets at the sony building...our mission...kobe beef (very focus!!!)

in the end we found a great teppanyaki restaurant in ginza. misomo ~ suppose to be the best beef teppanyaki restaurant opened since 1945. we ordered one kobe and one wagyu....wah when i first tasted the juicy and yummilicious, incredible....then i grab one!!! melts in your mouth and the texture...woooooo i was hooked...the wagyu (ehhh...neglected la...give most of it to daddy) look at the marbling effect on the kobe...aiyooo see the fight comparing thai and "mou san wong" durian!

the next day, took a tour to fuji, to see the very shy and illusive mountain....went up to basecamp 5 (the peak is basecamp 10) so were up about halfway, that day the mountain "acted up"...the winds were crazy and can almost blew a child away....daddy & i struggled with every step to get ourselves safely from the bus into the touristy restaurant & shops...its was soooooo cold...i dun even dare to come out once i was in. see daddy wanna be hero...i was standing inside the shop snapping these pics. the tour guide said it was very very unusual weather....yeah u can say that again!

wish we had on some volcom clothing to keep the wind out of our bones!

then went to another less threatening spot to take pics of fuji.

back to tokyo and what do we crave for....can u guess????

more kobe....this time we ordered 2 sets of sharing! this time we went to the same restaurant but this one was in shinjuku area on the 81st floor ~ great view of the city. see how much thichker is the kobe this time...last meal before leaving japan...great yummy memory...very satisfying just like our japan trip.


NomadicMom said...

*drip* *drip* *drip* saliva all over the floor liow....

shern's mom said...

that kobe..::saliva droolin::

jazzmint said...

wah wah...kobe beef, slurpss...fuji is beautiful. must go there when got chance