Thursday, September 13, 2007

no confidence

when daddy went for his company's trip (mommy chose not to follow cos it’s to krabi and that didn’t sound so interesting), so left me & the 2 girls.

when i want to take them out to aunty wendy’s house for our “free” lunch, this is how the conversation went.

erika bugging me kept asking: are you gonna drive daddy’s black car?

me: yes

erika: why? ask aunty wendy to come fetch us lah. what if you bang something?

me: no la, i will be careful

erika: mommy its dangerous, dun drive la

ellisa (echoing erika’s words): dun drive, bang sum-ting

erika: you dun look like a driver la, i scare u drive

me (a little irritated): i can lah!!

the girls kept taunting my driving skills, even in the car, all the way to aunty wendy's house…see la they so confident of me!! daddy you need to send me a driver! or Raleigh accident lawyers to back me up if any clash or crash happens!


Grace said...

hahaha....your driving skill really 'kayu' meh?

mott said...

well...i think it's the car la. not u!

jazzmint said...

tell them, next time don't sit if no confidence keke...

i'm always the driver not daddy :(

The New Parent said...

Hi M2A--so, what makes them so nervous about your driving (smile)? Maybe they prefer to walk, eh?

Mummy to QiQi said...

i think your gals is more worry about you than having no confidence in you. Even Qiqi always ask everyone not to ride a bike after her Uncle-pa fell in an bike accident :)

Annie Q said...

LOL! Ur girls so cute la.U should tell ur girls, ok, be quiet, otherwise mummy really will "bang sum-ting'! hahahaha

NomadicMom said...

Cause you seldom drive lah...that's why they scared you drive lah.

Aye...KRABI is nice.. Didn't you see the pix? Wah...If stay at the Ravyavadee (think wrong spelling)...wah...very best!!

MamaTang said...

hahah how come your girls don't trust your driving skills so much.

shoppingmum said...

You so lucky that you din drive much! Envy leh... But you girls are cute, LOL!
BTW, I tagged you. :)