Tuesday, August 14, 2007

another phat tag!

phat phat phat! not even in 2008 but kena tagged all the phat tag. this is from smiling mummy.

phat (8) random facts about me

  1. i love to lie down horizontally with my girls
  2. i hate to make last minute changes to my schedule...i love to plan plan plan
  3. i love art and crafts, anything hand-made
  4. i hate driving, get me a dri-ber anytime!
  5. i love african daisies
  6. i love dressing up
  7. i have lived all my life in pee-jay
  8. i love super rich food...like triple choc cake with loads of cream. i never diet. but if u need to, you could try this ~ diet patch!

not very special phat facts leh!

tagging others to phat phat phat

  1. godzillachai
  2. grace family
  3. healthfreakmommy
  4. hipncoolmomma
  5. immomsdaughter
  6. jazzmint
  7. jessie
  8. joshua


jazzmint said...

alamak...random 8 pulak :S...

Health Freak Mommy said...

Thanks 4 d tag. I think i had done a similar tag a few mths ago. Anyway, i will still complete it :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

thanks for the tag, i think i've done this already...hehe, i can't remember all the tags I did...gosh im old ^_^

i'll try and do it again, this time a different one =)

Huisia said...

ok,will do it asap!