Tuesday, August 14, 2007

grow up

i wish my girls will stay like this forever...in their current cute and innocent state! dun grow up.

just yesterday ellisa talking to yee ma

yee ma: "you want ice-cream?"
elli: "yes"
yee ma: "what ice-cream do you want?"
elli: (after thingking a while) "two"

i was expecting her to say a flavour not the quantity!

we have now moved headquarters from my house to yee ma's house, since yee ma moved to a more centrally located spot...near to schools (logistics is very important).

so the whole gang is parked there, and i also go there after work for dinner, daddy also lah then we go back together. but in order for daddy to pick us up..he have to go home 1st, change car then pick us. so i say if he has a "normal" car, then he can avoid the hassle...i think he heard me, but is he listening??

i wish daddy will grow-up! hehehehe i was hoping he would trade-in his clk (his fren calls it a babe magnet! roll eyes) for a normal 4 door car, so all of us can fit in it comfortably. old ledi...comfort more important leh!

luckily didn't collect a lot of speeding ticket with that "magnet", or else would need to get radar detectors!! illegal or otherwise.


girlie said...

yeah sometimes adults need to grow up ^_^

NomadicMom said...

Actually ar...when I met you once at the Atria Kopitime arr...I also wonder how you all fit in the CLK leh..

jazzmint said...

haha..two...i want two ice cream mommy :P

The New Parent said...

Hi M2A--it's so nice at this young age. I'm also in no hurry for my little one to grow up (smile).

Yes, we adults may need some growing up, eh?

Annie Q said...

hahaha..dont u think some of the daddy tend to grow young when they are "getting old"? including my man?