Wednesday, August 08, 2007


as you can see, no new post since last friday.

very busy oh...refurbish, revamp the whole office, (got new staff mah, or not where to put her) good excuse to get new furniture (old one alraedy 13 years!! it's about time for change) which means loads of cleaning up, vacuuming became the maid la and mover. Also did a lot of de-cluttering which was very good for the soul…feels so much lighter now!

part of my job includes maintaining my company's website. i was so happy to bump into LogicReach - a free web site monitoring system online that will monitor a web site or server 24/7. It's so smart that in the event it is unavailable it will email the me or send me a SMS message. that's what i call technology!

then yee ma moved house over the weekend, helped to kay-poh…erika and ellisa jumped into her “pool”..actaully it’s just a water feature in her courtyard, but to them any pool of water means must jump in. yee ma pengsan trying to fish them out…then she said…she will put a baby shark in so that they kids dun jump in anymore. I said…I think the shark will be the 1st one to jump out before the kids.

thinking of giving yee ma a surprise as a house warming gift ~ a set of Powell furniture for her courtyard!

then the virus came and attack erika & me. erika have fever for 5 days ledi…poor girl. See pediatrician gave antibiotics and stronger fever med. At the same time, ellisa took her hep A jab – due at 2 years old (in case u forgot??). She didn’t even shed a tear…after the shot, the nurse asked her you want a plaster…she nodded and was so happy coz the plaster was bright yellow and had a cat cartoon…wat a tough cookie! Since see doc, got the real vital stats:

ellisa: 88cm tall, 13.6kg
erika: 119cm tall, hovering around 18kg


Annie Q said...

Wow..what u feed ellisa boys 12.5kg Only!
Hope U & Erika feel better now. Take care!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah... 13.6kg at 2yo is quite a good weight. Sherilyn is only 14kg at 2yrs 5 mths coz she hates to eat meat, only likes cereal and vege.

jazzmint said...

wahh 13.6!!! keng leh...i guess she loves good alot eh

Sasha said...

eh got germs in the pond ah? maybe la....

if i'm the shark i'll jump out first.. heheheh

BabyBooner said...

alamakkk..sick again? these damn viruses!!! one after one after one.. :(

hey your girls are doing great! erika's quite tall isn't she? :D

mott said...


your like... MACHO!!!!!!