Wednesday, August 15, 2007

watch over by angels

ellisa is at the age of exploration & discovery…which actually means she will be into loads of mischief & trouble, getting into everything. Opening them, deconstructing them to find out how things work, and climbing up every ladder, drawers, window, doors, basically she’s now much much more than a handful.

The names she has been called includes…"destroyer", “lil’ monster”, “super”, “tham sang mou” (direct translate from Cantonese - gall bladder grow hair – which means “no fear)…the list is growing.

Just the other day, at popo’s house, ellisa was playing the tv cabinet, pulling, opening, her usual stuff….then suddenly a big loud clash and the glass door was shattered! Thankfully ellisa escape without a scratch! Poor synn yi had a very minor cut from the flying glass. Dun see one minute also cannot leh!

Then yesterday at yee ma’s house, ellisa was at her element again…scale the cupboards, climb the cabinet, mount the drawers…then another big big clash! This time yee ma’s big mirror was shattered all over. By the time popo and kongkong rushed to check on her, she was safely on yee ma’s bed, again escaped without a scratch!

I am so thankful!!! Angels are watching over this lil’ angel.

so when i asked ellisa who broke the glass...she happily answered... "ERIKA" (with a most cheeky smile).

My next question is how do you totally child proof a house? Dunno if steel buildings will do the trick?


CutiePrincessMummy said...

Y ahh, issit all the angels born that year oso so sum seng? i wonder. :P

shern's mom said...

thank God she's unhurt. little kids are all very mischievous. no way we can 100% child proof the entire house i think, unless that house is empty.

The New Parent said...

Hi M2A--good she wasn't hurt! I child proofed my little one, not the house (wink).

Put things out of reach and show her how to touch and what to touch. Then move back and watch out (laugh)!

NomadicMom said...

Your sister gonna BAN your little angel from her house already leh!!!

Lian said...

Plastic house adakah?

laundryamah said...

wah break glass in yee ma's new house wor! kylie too likes to destroy stuff, like kor kor's homework! kakakaka

Annie Q said...

is it those who born on year 2005 all is noti chicken ar?

Big Pumpkin said...

I didn't child proof my house at all. I just taught her how to be careful but for the first year and a half when she was still unstable, I followed her around everywhere anyway. :-)