Wednesday, August 08, 2007

1st impression

went to a corporate image class last week, escape from work for 2 whole days (yahoo...away from the office) and tis is such a fun course, summore paid by company. actually there are plenty of such great corporate wellness courses around that you could tap in.

what did i learn?

1st impression, it only take less than 7 seconds for another person to judge us. especially woman...we are definitely more critical and expect more of another woman than a man! aiyoo it's relly hard to please a woman la.

then we learn about colours-are you warm or cool? wanna know put a large piece of gold cloth cover your whole shoulder...then look at your face? then put a silver cloth. which one do u look better with? for me, i look acceptable with both, most probably we would look good in gold, coz we have yellow undertones...being asian, but if you are very fair or white (ah moh) then u may fall into the silver (or cool colours) group. so stick to those colour in your clothing, it will make you look a whole lot more attractive.

another tip is not to mix warm & cool colours...clash mah!

and try to have 2 items in the same colour, e.g. white pearl ear rings and white shirt. please dun be so well coordinated like the 80's...beg, shoes, belt, accessories all same colour!

of cos body shape, who dunno hour glass is the strive to be tat la! put on your "beauty armour" ~ breast pads, shoulder pads, bum pads if you have to and if possible a corset to squeeze out a waist to make the silhouette! (pheweee wit!) the extent we go thru to make a good impression and the bottom line to look "real".

I can recommend you a few good places to make those "real" changes ~los angeles plastic surgeon or beverly hills plastic surgery or los angeles breast augmentation. take your pick!! hehheehe

of cos the magic will be totally lost, if:

1. a bad handshake is given...limp fish hands or knuckle crushers

2. once you open your mouth and your voice is like "donald duck" or "tweety bird"

3. bad breath

even that can be excused if you got substance lah. so i guess brain power is the best! so is social skills.


Mummy to QiQi said...

i always love trainings like this, isnt it fun ?? so long din attend trainings it can be very expensive if were to pay from own pocket, hehe

Health Freak Mommy said...

I attended one too conducted by Datin Ampi years ago. I love to attend courses too, esp the food served in the hotel, haha!

Big Pumpkin said...

This is interesting...was this conducted by Gillian Hung, by any chance? I don't know of any corporate image trainings in town.

Die la...what a bad impression everyone must have of me since I am always dressed like a maid. :-(

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?