Sunday, August 26, 2007

finish the race?

update on daddy's race from the ealier post - celebrating independence

when daddy's fren calls and ask how he finish in the merdeka endurance race. daddy answered 2nd. i was thinking hmmm, no that's not right...then daddy said “yes we finish, we were totally finished!!”

oh well, you must have guessed, yes something went wrong with “precious” and the “gifted” and “capable” mechanic was not able to fix the tiny problem and there you have it…his race is totally finished…(me evil laugh!)

I was so surprised when he called in the evening of race day and asked where we were…so free ah? Aiyoo sure something wlong ledy?

dunno whether he will take part next year? If he does I think it’s about time to get a real team manager and a real mechanic with all the right air tools, it’s about time he depended on some logic and sanity. I dun think "hit and run" is a great formula, no strategy, no planning…these people think its effortless to win! get real la!! hahhahaha


Annie Q said... "ka yau ka yau" lo..

NomadicMom said...

yeah sound kinda EVIL!!!

shern's mom said...

3 drivers, 12 hours on highspeed. not a very good combo for any race car. those who managed to finish are the lucky ones.
but im sure your dh had fun. try again next year.

BabyBooned said...

poor daddy!!

and i gotta agree with them.. hehehe.. u sound kinda evillll..

The New Parent said...

Hi M2A---maybe next year (smile). Then you can cheer him on, eh?

MamaTang said...

haha! so bad to laugh at your hubby till like that.