Saturday, August 18, 2007

love letter

after reading all your comments, i think i will write to her chinese teacher & class teacher & for good measure to the headmistress too. erika's attitude change after she changed teachers in school...u can read all about it major complain on the chinese teacher!

at this juncture, very hard to change teacher again...very disruptive leh! just another month or 2 and she's out of there...guess when it comes to ellisa, will have to look for another kindy.

guess this year, mommy won't be buying loads of gifts to give teachers when school year ends...instead mommy will be writing a long love letter.

my love letter will definitely ask the teacher to be give erika lorry loads of compliments for making even a small effort. for example her spelling test if she gets 8/20 correct...i want her to praise praise praise her for the 8 rights (not focus on the measly 12 wrongs, no biggie la) lil' girl is not even 6 yet la!! maybe when erika regains her confidence, she will be happier in school, especially the chinese torture class. (i just want her to be happy! is that asking too much)

ok la, mommy not so cheapo about buying prezzie for the teacher, maybe buy for her teacher that taught her in the 1st half of the school year...she really made erika excel and then they had to change teacher in the middle of school year! i complained but what to do? it's soooo disruptive! also buy for her current class teacher la.

now gotta go write that long luuuurrrve letter! mommy's homework to do.

will pen down my thoughts withe these beautiful custom pens ~ give me more inspiration to write!!


The New Parent said...

Hi M2A--there should always be a balance with help and praise. A teacher shouldn't diminish a child for getting things wrong, they should figure out how to be helpful.

Teachers can be so discouraging to our lttle ones.

Mummy to QiQi said...

Hope it really works...not easy also hor when kids go to school :)

allthingspurple said...

true, true, very important to enjoy school at this age. Kimberly used to have this mandarin teacher (home tuition) whose harsh scoldings send shivers down my spine. My MIL loaths her. We terminated her after 3 weeks cos we cant stand the contempt in her voice. Doesnt do my little girl any good, esp since we dont speak chinese at home and her knowledge of chinese is nil.

allthingspurple said...

aiyak, what am i doing?

I wanted to tell you that you got a tag !

jazzmint said...

oo..yah i think it's good to praise to give them confidence..or else how to learn rite

BabyBooner said...

hey keep us updated on what happens yeah? it can be a learning lesson for all us new moms too :) good luck!! and i hope erika is okay..

Angeleyes said...

I think Erika needs the praising as kids just love that! Like Darrius, if we tell him 'good boy or clever boy' he will be so happy and he will do it for us.

Hope things will be better next year for Erika.