Monday, August 13, 2007


mellisa ku ma came to visit with baby zach and joshua. so it was a very "happening" weekend. friday nite - dinner at yeh yeh house (his famous yummilicious sang har meen ~ prawn noodles), then saturday - more seafood at pantai (near our house), sunday gorge ourselves in shang buffet (this time not so lucky didn't meet anyone).

on top of that they wanted to see "blings", since the jewelry fair was on over the weekend. daddy volunteered to take care of the 6 kiddies (i guess he was hoping to catch some shut-eye, thot he could escape but with 6 kiddies - i know it's near impossible & i was right la). the adults get to go indulge in our senses. some of the pieces were exquisite, but i can’t bring myself up to part with my $$$$$ for such fine stuff, for food i can la but for not for this yet!

i feel like a lil’ girl again with a very very lil’ purse of money in a very "adult" setting. me so afraid to buy anything, just in case i make a huge investment mistake…so what do i do, look only lor. it was very interesting learning experience. tis is my 1st time and since I didn’t go prepared to get anything, I just went to cuci mata!

can see load of beautiful people with sugar daddies to support their "little" hobby like they have done a lot of work to look so fabulous. (me jealous!!!) they most probably did some los angeles plastic surgery. maybe they did the los angeles tummy tuck, beverly hills breast augmentation, beverly hills liposuction, even rhinoplasty. heard the beverly hills plastic surgeon are great at these nip & tucks!

since the jewelry fair is held so many times a year, not a big deal if you miss this one...heard another one is around the corner!


jazzmint said...

yaya i saw the ads...wahh...must be alot jewelry to see hoh

laundryamah said...

wah so often pergi Shang buffet one..thank GOd for your genes if not sure end up like me la!

shern's mom said...

where and when is the next bling fair ? i also want to go cuci mata..

NomadicMom said...

Aye...the deals can be quite GOOD one leh.. I once bought this black and white diamond ring for RM 1000...which was originally at RM 4000!!! That's 75% off wor!! Errr...but stupid Nomadic Mom, went to Tioman and somehow "LEFT" a treasure in the sand... Sooooo sad...*sob* *sob*