Thursday, March 19, 2009

erika needs help

this year i thot of giving erika a break from all her tuition classes, and hope for the best - literally.

i gave her free reign of getting her own work done ~ like a big little girl should and hoping beyond hope that she will not fail in any of her papers. wishful thinking!!

even dangle a tempting carrot ~ saying if she do better than half her class...meaning in a position of 20 or above, we will take her to see a real princess in disneyland. guess can kiss that "carrot" goodbye too.

yes she failed...quite miserably. even her teacher called and asked what happened? i was wondering ~ isn't it your job to make her pass? why ask the parents when we are not the teachers?

so what did the good parent do? we finally sent her for tuition (defeats our original purpose of giving her independence and free time). guess she dun need so much free time on her hands. well it's not the normal kind of tuition, we are tying her on kumon mandarin. i thot we will "empower" her so that she can conquer her tests and come out with some colours except RED!

that's our temporary response to this situation, if it gets any worse, we will change school where english is the first language and mandarin is the sub-subject.

as for elli, will most probably sent her in for mandarin tuition when she turns 4?? learn our lessons from no.1.


allthingspurple said...

sigh..I have just stopped one of Kimberly's class with the same purpose as well. Lets see if she is responsible enough to maintain her marks.

mom2ashleyaidan said...

oops tuition at 4? ashley is turning 4 this year :P

NomadicMom said...

Eh...Of course must tuition lah. Mandarin not spoken at home...and go to Chinese School.
If my son didn't go to tuition (when In PJ lah), sure also "fei lou".

Health Freak Mommy said...

Aiyoh, reading your post makes me feel streeeeesssss only coz Alycia will go to a Chinese primary school next year.

mommy to chumsy said...

sigh...we are planning to register ashley in a chinese school. the thought of sending her for tuition now is scary but don't send also die.

jazzmint said...

tuition at 4!! hmm..and i thought they (DUMC) say their mandarin is good enough for the chinese school..sigh

KittyCat said...

Chinese is a tough language to learn - I'm struggling myself. And now, I've got to pick up so that I can help Lucas too.

I second what Nomadic Mom pointed out LOL

If Erika's good in English, she could pick up in Mandarin if a good coach helps :)

laundryamah said...

eh must hv tuition lerrr..cannot escape..Kieran started Mandarin when he was 3! Any diff? No lor..still so bad!


OMG .. I will soon be at all the stages above. I realise so many mommies these days send their kids to chinese primary and we plan to as well. We speak English at home and plan to send him to Monterssori kindy. So that means I also need to look out for mandarin tuition classes .. sigh.