Tuesday, February 24, 2009

weekend retreat

last weekend, we check-in to our kay-el holiday with a grand view of the twin towers and kay-el tower. baby loves to look out the big windows and enjoy the view.

thanks to our membership cards.

we upgraded ourselves to the club floor so that we can eat for "free" - that's the sale gimmick, coz there's really no free lunch in this world. but being gullible holiday makers we bought into their sweet talk and ended up eating on the 38th floor. the view was great and was swarmed by "gwai-los". erika kept asking why got so many "gwai-los"? we gotta hush her up before parrot elli repeats in an ever louder voice.

back to room, found a huge weighing machine - for people with "ol flower eyes"

so step on it...52kg...me gotta eat summore...must maintain all the curves.

elli's turn - 18 kg...aiyooo no wonder my back is breaking la

erika - 22 kg onli after stuffing her with so much food, gotta send her to more buffet

then daddy's turn....aiyoooo so much ah?? gotta go on a strick diet ledi lor!

the fun part - playing in the lavish bathrooms with all the beautiful gold-plated bathroom accessories.

the girls had a blast, swimming in the tub and not the pool. tub better, warm waters and loads of bubbles, safer too. they played washing "clothes" and the "clothes" was the shower cap.

of cos they flooded the bathroom but no sweat la...the cleaners will take care of it, and also free flow of soft white towels to keep the floors slip-free. i know not very environmental friendly - but once in a long time only they get to waste so much .

after wrinkled up in the tub, erika then eye the only toy (iron & board) in the room. and she has been playing it non-stop. we went home with crisp ironed clothings....she loved this holiday. next time i just bring an iron to occupy her, even the big flatscreen telly was not captivating enuff.

at nite, daddy drove us round the corner to the best nasi-lemak stall in town - nasi lemak antarabangsa. even the girls enjoyed the fluffy aromatic santan rice...after eating that only happy to go to bed.

next morning, went for breakie, i think we drank at least 12 big glasses of fresh juices among the 4 of us...of cos went jamban a lot after tat.

time to check out - the girls kept begging to stay longer, but back to reality la...


Anonymous said...

wah shioknya...i oso want to go for short nearby weekend retreat wor..ada special offer ka??

NomadicMom said...

Your girl with the ironing board ...funny.
Next time, I know what to get her!!!

2ma said...

wah...ur kids had a blast in the room huh? so fun! espcially d bubble bath tub

jazzmint said...

haha she rreally enjoy ironing LOL.

eh, elli in apa class huh? never bump into u so far

Wonderful Life said...

wahh... fun to iron clothes??? come iron for aunty!! Aunty hates ironing!!