Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cute Blogger Award

wah...long time no one tag me ledi...so happy finally kena one from 2ma...eh...actually i still owe one loooong tag to wmd ...opps!!

2ma has 2 lil' boys (not hers)...time for her to adopt one more, so they can pair up with my 3 lil girls . hahahhaa

Here are the rules:
1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” and put it on your blog
2. Link or tell a bit about the person who gave you the award...
"Bonnie" - I have never met Bonnie. Briefly, I will describe her as a young pretty mummy with a cute little boy, WaWa
3. Each one of you who receive this award must list down 10 facts/hobbies about yourself...

Some of my hobbies are:
1 sleeping (is this counted as a hobby)
2 eating good food
3 reading mags when i have the time...before the baby shred it to pieces
4 window shopping and hoping for a great bargain
5 sleeping some more (very deprive currently)
6 eating (coz wanna maintain weight...)
7 sewing - more like mending the girl's clothes
8 planting things -seeing things grow and not "die"
9 i like going to work - is a form of escapism from the girls - at least for a good 9 hours!
10 i adore my girls & love them to bits

4. Pass this award to 10 bloggers and link them in your blog


Angeleyes said...

aiyoh! you also tag me ah!!

BabyBooned said...

oh wow thanks! :D

allthingspurple said...

Hey, Thanks for the award. heeheee..this one is easy... love easy ones. *grin*

Annie Q said...

Thanks for tagging me!! Sorry, i only knew it now. *blush* Will do it as soon. :)

Big Pumpkin said...

Hi-hi! How are you? I'm only here now cuz been sick pregnant. Me cute? Yah, probably right now cuz the Hubs says I look like a baby whale, kakkakaka.....Thanks for the award. Such an honour!

Allyfeel said...

Hey, thanks for the tag... :)