Thursday, February 05, 2009

she nose it

yes baby nose it...just like bill clinton. hahahaha

i have been teaching baby to name her nose and ears. playing the point and name game for 2 days and now she "nose" it. when i ask her nose?? she will point with her index finger to the right feature on my face.

is my baby a genius or not? one proud "nose it" mama talking here.

she's also babbling a lot and can blurt out pa-pa, ma-ma occasionally. she's so big that she can fit into both her sister's tops without looking sloppy. baby's hair still not there yet but thankfully "nose it" mama's hair is growing back to it's normal crowning glory after a crazy hormonal period of thinning hair.


Jesslyn said...

Thanks to the milks!

Kids nowadays very smart indeed!

Rachel said...

wow! She's so smart!!!