Wednesday, April 22, 2009

elli's counting

was talking to elli and she was asking me "how many babies do i want?"

i said 3

she said i want 10 babies

wah so many ah? are u sure?

then she showed me how she carry her babies. 1 on each arms...then she say see mom i carry 2 babies...then she says she bring them out and other people ask her "wow 2 babies ah"

elli gave a sheepish smile and say, i will tell the people.... "i still have 8 babies at home" kaKAKAAA (loud crazy laugh from this elli)

for a kid that's not 4 yet...she good in her maths!! and deduction skill.


little prince's mummy said...

Great counting!~

Adrine said...

luckily she didn't ask you to have 10 babies. ha hahhh!

Anonymous said...

cool! u hv an accountant at she will b counting money!