Saturday, January 09, 2010

baby 88 weeks old

love to bathe
she would say "i wan shuong liuong"or "batz"
if i ignore her
she would add "peessss mommiiiiii peeesss"
she would start pulling off her clothes
"take out sam" or "open open" then say "pantz" "take out pantz"

her vocab is quite amazing. her weight is too = 14+ kg

the trouble is this "shuong liuong" request happens every time she goes to my room - sometimes she end up having many many baths a day...either a water baby or a screaming baby...for sanity sake-i chose "batz peesssss"

she call popo - SAM


twin said...

all these baby talk .. really cute. they are at this age where only the mom understands them .. hehehe.
SAM? means wat?

mommy of 3 angels said...

twin - that's popo's name she is calling!!

ryeli said...

happy new year!

so fast baby is growing. her weight is interesting, rye li is 15kgs for 4 yrs (still kinda small). u must have a tough time carrying her.

so cute, she actually call her popo by the name? lol! for a moment there i thought u meant baju = sam (in cantonese). :)

NomadicMom said...

So cute laaa

laundryamah said... cute....i wanna cubit her each time i c her...

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