Thursday, May 13, 2010


evi loves watching video. everyday she begs to do just that.

so yesterday when i just returned home and was starting dinner, she came running and grab my hand saying "i wanna watch viiideo mommy". she kept pulling but i told her let me finish dinner then she gets to watch.

of cos that is not acceptable for her and started to throw her usual fit.

i said calmly "that will not work on me, stop it" (not expecting it will get into her head at all). to my surprise she stopped for a few seconds, then a light bulb switched on in her head and she changed tactic.

she immediately open up her arms and pout her lips and said "kiss kiss"

so i let her kiss la...not everyday you get free kisses.

but i still said after i finish dinner 1st.

she got MAD. started her tantrum and said "u stooor pit mommy"

i got mad too and said "did you scold me???"

she stopped, eyes looking guilty and shook her head and said "sorry mommy" with a kiss

then pulled my hand again...this time took her upstairs to my room and switch on the video (she wins - gotta watch her video while relaxing on my comfy bed)

moral of the story: love works!


ryeli said...

hehe, she sure knows how to melt your heart. guess she picked the word up from her sisters.

Adrine said...

Oh my..... she's such a smart cookie!!! Tried multiple tactics until she got what she wanted :)