Monday, July 19, 2010

chain drinker

That's what baby does...she chain drinks.

before knocking off to bed at nite, she sucks at least 2 bottles of milk plus a bottle of water. even in a new diaper - it overflows by 4am...then this talking 2 year old will start complaining "my shirt is wet and my pants is wet, take out my diaper" then after cleaning her up..."go make nen nen for me" "mom dun sleep wake up, go make nen nen"

if i don't or popo don't

"the police man come and catch you, eeeor eeeor, hurry stooooopid....go make nen nen for me, stooopid, hurry up, sorry mommy forever" (for saying stupid). "pees mommy go or not i will scold you one"

if the nen nen is cold "this is no good, i dun like...this is rubbish!!!"

the "stoopid" word is learn from kong kong....


Mommy to Chumsy said...

muahahahahahahhahah....your cute baby is really funny. she sounds like old lady and not a baby...hehehhehehehe

leeyen said...

Wa! Two yrs old already sound like that! She can speak well at this young age! amazing! Go mummy or I will scold u! Muahaha!

xi lin said...

cute :)

Adrine said...

Ha hah.... such a smart girl! Got sound effect of eeeor, eeeor somemore!