Friday, March 07, 2008

love hate tag

long overdue tag from kelly!! better late than never

Here it is…

1. erika loves to eat: shangri-la lemon garden buffet.

2. erika hates to eat: medicine

3. erika loves to go: stay in nice hotels

4. erika hates to go: school toilet, her logic dun drink water...then no need to pee.

5. erika loves it when: she has all daddy & mommy attention on ellisa to bug in.

6. erika hates it when: elli dun follow "all" her rules.

7. erika loves to see: new baby

8. erika hates to see: lion dance...scares her and she cries and scream...

9. erika loves to hear: disney songs...

10. erika hates to hear: the banging of the lion dance drums

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