Friday, March 07, 2008

Modified TAG - Before I Was A Mom...

tag from preetii mommy - nomadic mom

anyone who gets this tag is automatically given the special "prettii mommy" title hehhehe i prettiii lor.

*When you get the TAG, you add your name at the bottom of the tagged persons list, and without bumping the person at the top or bumping anyone off and let the list grow.

TAG 5 pretty moms on your list to let them know they are pretty!

SHARE about how life was before you became a mom.

Before I was a mum; i didn't know the amount of patience i need to survive just a bathing session or eating session or homework session

Before I was a mum; i only think about me, myself and i

Before I was a mum; i didn't know that being a mother was THAT difficult

Before I was a mum; i didn't know that breastfeeding and babysitting can make you so skinny.

Before I was a mum; i hardly ever screamed at all...

The first chain of tag:

1. Lovelymummy
2. Pek Imm
3. Momisodes
4. Ling that’s me
5. Janicepa
6. AnnieQ
7. Allthingspurple
8. Montessorimum
9. clumsy mommy
10. Sandra
11. KittyCat
12. VivianZ
13. Sweetpea
14. Sasha
15. Giddy Tiger
16. Wen
17. Jo-N
18. Janice Ng
19. BlurTing
20. ViEmwk
21. Cookingmomster
22. Dancing Queen
23. NomadicMom
24. Mommy of 3 Angels

tagging PRETTY MOMs.....

big pumpkin


Angeleyes said...

YOu have not popped yet????

Thanks for the tag... will try to do soon... :P

BabyBooned said...

thanks for the tag ;)

allthingspurple said...

sigh... before i was a mom, i never raised my voice either.I was such a mouse before !