Friday, August 15, 2008

school's out

the start of school hols! less traffic to go to work...but but but...gotta entertain the girls and cousins

surely one day will drop them in ikea to release their energy in Småland. eh...maybe 2 or 3 more days...since free mah and also for the cheap yummiii creamy ice-cream.

lucky i enrolled erika to vocasional bible school for 3 whole days (kiasu) early early go register and paid in full. so less one big bully.

since this hols is only a week long, planned one day to waterfalls (bukit tinggi) since daddy now has a 4-wheeler...we can drive right to the falls...laziii la no need to huff and pull all the way hike down there.

happiii holidays and also gay travel to where ever you are heading. kakakkakakkaa

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