Tuesday, January 16, 2007

sweets for my sweets

whenever ellisa wants to eat something that is "forbidden", i will tell it..."cannot eat, latt latt", meaning the food is hot and spicy.

so one day when she went to kindy to pick-up erika, synn yi & sean, a teacher gave ellisa a gummy sweet. when the 3 of them jumped into the car and saw ellisa's sweet, ellisa had to think of a good excuse!

so ellisa told them...."sweet latt latt"...some more added the expression..."szztt shhtzz"...making sure they got the message its really super hot! she got away with it and the 3 didn't try to get the sweet from her.


CutiePrincessMummy said...

Clever girl Ellisa, know to use this trick to protect her sweet. hahaha!

Sasha said...

Eh so pandai wan!

laundryamah said...

if it's kylie straight away in the mouth leow no need to say latt latt..hahahahaha..errr...aiya kylie cannot talk yet la...how to say latt latt leh..