Thursday, January 25, 2007


after reading laundryamah's blog on kieran's homework blues...i must say i am one lucky mama...coz erika loves homework...really came as a pleasant surprise to me...thot she will struggle in her new kindy as the new kindy is very academic based unlike her old “montessori” kindy…not that there’s anything wrong with her old kindy…basically change kindy to prepare her for “cina” school.

well even though it’s only the 4th week at school…i am ecstatic to say she is really thriving!

erika not only loves homework...she happily shows off that she has so many to do (a small part to thank is her instigator cousin – synn yi…a little healthy rivalry on the side really fired up their competitive spirit)

well showing off is one part…the best part is…erika tries her best to accomplish them in the most nicest & neatest way...she aims to collect as many stars for her work as she can…it’s a joy to see her work.

and this mummy worry she cannot cope??

i am looking into taking up an online course on Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction to prepare me (for the girls) and for continued development as a master teacher in schools or other instructional institutions. Heard that Key components of this MS Instruction program include focus on literacy, diversity, integration of technology and an interdisciplinary perspective in education. Earning my Curriculum and Instruction graduate degree online is a great option for busy professionals like me as the flexible class schedules fit easily into my "crazy and most hectic lifestyle.


shoppingmum said...

You're lucky! Not many kids like homework, but generally, girls tend to like doing homework. :)

jazzmint said...

wahh u are so lucky need to tuk her with homework somemore

mom2ashley said...

wah....that's really good...i wonder how ashley would be when the time comes...:)

huisia said...

Glad to hear that you don't have the homework nightmare at all. Is it true for girls more manageable than boys??

Angeleyes said...

wah wah.... u r one lucky mom!