Sunday, January 07, 2007

new kakak is here

happiiee new year!

finally our new kakak is here & her name is almost the same as ellisa. just a shorter version ~ lisa! had to go to port klang to pick her up since i went though a fren and not a "malaysian agent"...not only save a bit on agency fees and cheaper wages but most important is she is HERE!!

yes..she came by boat...cheaper for the "indonesian agent"! poor thing is instead of taking 2 1/2 to 3 hours to reach...due to the heavy rains & windy condition...only was able to arrive after more than 5 hours in the boat! thank god she made it! waited more than an hour for her...finally saw the boat docked...then scan the passengers that dissembarked...scared mah what if no show!

i guess another reason for going through port klang i was informed was there was less "red-tape" involved. easier to zip through the immigration officers!


jazzmint said...

wahh u got jalan for this oso?? Yes, def save a lot

Sasha said...

wah luckily she safely arrived to malaysia lerr