Wednesday, March 28, 2012

imaginary friends

evi loves talking to her many, many friends in her head, it even includes daddy.

well i say that because she sometimes say " daddy says cannot do ...... wan" or when she is angry she will say "i tell daddy wan ah, i am going to tell daddy" or she picks up the phone, poke a few numbers and start talking to daddy.

her imaginary friends range from animals to cartoon characters to whatever or whoever pops into her head. she plays with them the whole day and talks non-stop if there are no human available for her to "harass".

she has own style too and character...her special head band made up of dangling pink goggles...really cute fashionista.

latest craze is playing with rope and tying up everything in the whole house...her fave victim is rossie!! who gently obliged, loving the attention.