Tuesday, November 21, 2006

blink blink

last sunday, i cleared our amazon jungle with 2 maids (got a temporary one - thank god! and my sis's maid to help)...it is now tamed enough to be called a tropical garden...then daddy cleared the flat cement roof of the maid's room...moss & plants were growing by water supplimented by the 3 air-cons! he then painted it with water-proof paint...after that...daddy was dooshed & slept the whole noon-time! it was also raining...good excuse to snoozzzee

after all the hard work...felt so energized...erika learned to make mashed potato in school...so boiled some potatoes for her to released some energy!...quite yummy...she added butter, milk, salt and pepper!

so evening came...went to to the curve makan dinner at vivo's...met oscar's mommy & family...then as we were walking aimlessly...erika saw a pair of earrings (blink! blink!) at a counter outside metro.

e: "can i have it mommy? please buy for me? i like it"

me: " i will buy for you only if you have holes in your ears like mommy then can you wear that earring!" "you want to have your ears pierced?"

e: (thinking hard) YES!

me: ok (daddy was happy to hear that)

so we went to ask the cosmetic counters to find out if they know where to get this done or they know of a jewelry shop franchise ...they suggested there was one in tesco...scared she might change her mind if we don't do it then so even in the rain...we walked over.

at the shop...the studs for piercing were not as pretty but finally she chose a tiny purple stone stud earring...i sat her on my lap...hug her...she was so excited it didn't occur to her that it will HURT!...so they spray her loops with some cool alcohol...then boom!....you can see her left ear turning from white to pink to red! and she started crying "so painful mommy...i don't want to do again!" then she closed her right ear with her hand...alamak...how now? one sided only? cannot la...so had to coax her, pacify her and finally did the right ear....she cried and cried...but she was also smiling! then she finally said..."they sta-pe-lar my ears!"

erika was so proud! so were we...walked back to metro to get her the earrings she wanted in the 1st place.


mom2ashley said...

congrats to erika! finally got her ears pierced! I reckon it must be the need to look girlie that would overcome the pain for us gals! heheheh!

Anonymous said...

Erika Big girl edi!!!

Anonymous said...

*clap clap* Erika no scared pain.Good girl.

Anonymous said...

Girls will be girls, no pain for the sake of vanity..ha ha

mommy of two angels said...

she is a real loiyan...when it comes to all the girlie stuff...there no way a little pain is gonna stop her!

Angeleyes said...

hahhaa...for vanity sake...girls will always be girls...

jazzmint said...

wahh big girl liao lorrr...i oso reacted the same as her after piercing one side of the ear LOL