Monday, November 27, 2006


friday, took the 2 girls to see the paed, synn yi also tag the erika & synn yi were supposed to be flower girls for a fren's wedding but when they reached the church...they refused to walk during the rehearsal, so don't waste time...i took them to the clinic instead!

before reaching the clinic, erika made a big fuss, complained she's tired, wanna go back & sleep, don't wanna see doctor or take medicine...u know just like what laundryamah talked about...whinigitis!

so practically gotta drag her along with ellisa & synn yi...once they reached the i was registering...the first thing erika ask the staff was..."do you have any sweets to give me?" i said after seeing the doc, she will get a sweet.

as usual paed clinic have all sorts of toys, big playhouse, see-saw....the 3 girls had a ball playing house...ellisa kept saying "open, open" then opened the doors..."close, close" closed the doors...give me an idea, get them a huge box make into house or set up the tent.

so finally met the paed, check ellisa 1st, told her her allergy story, and was advised that it was a bad reaction and to give her anti-histamine if she ever gets an allergic reaction again, her skin still a little dry, to sapu more cream on i was happy to take home some emergency medicine.

erika's turn ~ checked her ears, was happy to know it was perfectly dry and looks as normal as it should be...phew! so erika was happy she don't need to take any more medication and she got her she said she likes this doctor! only advise from doc to her was - "no more sucking thumb!"

so all of us were happy, and the girls didnt want to leave the clinic as they want to play some more, so let them play another 5 minutes before we left!


Stan Tai said...

Nice blog! And what a great family!

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Anonymous said...

At least, the girls are both well. That's worth the making the trip.

mott said...

Am real glad to hear her ear infection cleared up! Imagine..SURGERY! KAI WERN SIOW!!!!! Keep on the updates ok?

jazzmint said...

good to hear that her ears are OK liaoo...n more surgery!!