Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"classic" old dress

ellisa just got this hand-me-down dress from mah-mah. amazingly, this dress is worn by two generations. dunno can last for another one or not??

mah-mah was digging out some old things and found the little dress which was ku-ma's that ku-ma wore in the early 60's!! she must have kept for sentimental reasons and also these were hand-made by her...so this dress is around 45 years old!!! wah another 50 years can become antique.

hello melissa ku-mah this is me in your dress!!! remember this boooo-tee-ful dress?? i look good in it... love ellisa


jazzmint said...

wahh since 1960s!!! Classic dress hehe..and she looks adorable in that too

Immomsdaughter said...

She looks lovely :)Did Erika wear it also?

mommy of two angels said...

jazzmint - ya it's a classic one..heheh

imoms - no woh...only got to dig out the dress recently...erika already all grown up!

Anonymous said...

Wow Antique!

laundryamah said...

eh priceless la that dress! vintage!