Tuesday, October 03, 2006


This photo was taken during my lunch break on the 5th floor of the hotel...you can see the palm trees swaying violently and the torrential rains...visibility very bad.

This photo taken at the hotel lobby...see it's raining IN the lobby...with winds of about 130+km pushing the rains in, the housekeeping staff had their hands full trying to make sure the lobby is not flooded.

The next day after the typhoon...a mangled mess of billboards on the major roads...causing havoc to the already bad traffic.


Angeleyes said...

wah...look scary hor???
how u managed to get to the airport???

jazzmint said...

wahh..looks so scary lah..I also got a customer supposed to come KL last week, but didn't manage to because of typhoon

mommy of two angels said...

angeleyes & jazzmint - it looks scary...but it's not that bad la..i was sheltered in the hotel mah! as long as you don't go become hero and walk in the streets - it's ok la...and we were warned not to be near any windows...in case of flying objects...the 1st pic looks blur because there were sooo much rain...it's foggy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Like Gila man!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you're safely back here now :)