Friday, October 20, 2006

life lessons

finally erika is getting a piano...actually mommy have been bugging daddy to get it since august...but daddy is always dragging his feet since this is not-top-priority item unlike golf or cars or... (ok don't want to go into that any deeper or else will get mommy real worked up!) actually i don’t mind getting it myself…but since this is sort-of big purchase item, want him to be involved mah (let him be “the man” once a while loh! give some face kua)…and some more it’s for his daughter. a piano is quite a big furniture item in the house, so we all should like as we will be stuck with it for a long time.

anyway, yeh yeh must have realised the “struggle”, maybe he have 6th sense and so he promised to get one for erika. so to make peace for all and not to evoke any "jealousies"...he bought mah-mah's old piano for erika. mah-mah then can have a new one...very diplomatic lah! make everyone happy ~ win-win loh. so at last...erika can start practising...which i know is not her top-priority too! she is adverse to any kind of work ~ homework, schoolwork, pianowork….it’s a real 4 letter word for her…i can’t imagine how she will cope when she goes to cina “homework” school in 2008!!

mommy have to threaten, bribe, sweet-talk to get her going…come to think of it ~ do i really want to put her or more likely "me" through all of that. but that girl needs discipline badly and so will try her on the cina school and see how she survive or sink in it.

aiyooo…yeh yeh really adores the girls… when he came for a visit yesterday, erika played with him and stuck stickers all over his face….and he just lay there and enjoyed the attention and let her do whatever she wants. if it was me…surely different reaction!

as you all know we are going for holiday….but ellisa has been sick (why does this happen when we wanna be away) – fever on and off since monday…very worrying!! sent her to the paed yesterday…will do the same again today…long weekend…makes us even more anxious!! she’s fine a few hours…then fever…paracetamol….fine again…some how we can’t seem to break the fever cycle!! let’s see what the paed says today…

oh yeah found a site for discount furniture!

happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

Ya, I also noticed when we plan for a vacation, the kids always gets sick one way or another. There was even once I had to forgo the airtickets :(

I would love to send my girl to piano lessons too but have to wait until she's 4 (learned this from one of the bloggers). Hope Erika will play you wonderful music soon :)

Anonymous said...

ayoo poor thing lil fast get well soon!

jazzmint said...

whoa..that's very thoughtful of yeh yeh..grandparents mah, sure diff from parents. They can let the kid twist n turn around them and still they find it fun LOL.

poor ellisa, hope she gets well soon. probably a viral fever..

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