Thursday, January 12, 2012

elli's new year

poor girl after going to school 1 day, she fell sick for almost a week. lost a lot of weight - more bones than flesh now. unexpectedly after all that, she stopped her favourite activity - my milk guzzler has now totally stopped drinking milk. i am trying to entice her to continue since she can't eat fish which eliminates a lot of food coz she's not crazy for beef or lamb. she loves her veg & lil vegetarian. her fave fruits are the red dragon fruit & durian...yumms

with the start of school comes all the activities - gymrama (wed & sat), tuition classes (mon, tue & thurs) and homework (everyday). was thinking of giving her music lessons...shall see how she copes. not much room for play...thankfully CNY is just around the corner and will enjoy the coming long break.

update 13 Jan - elli is back to her normal milk guzzling self...mommy is happy.

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