Friday, January 06, 2012

new school year

4 January - elli went to school though it would be counted as her 2nd day since her orientation on 30 Dec, she was in her element with friends all around - she is a happy camper. mommy was exhausted visiting her 3 times today - assembly, recess & going home time. however mommy met other mommies from her class & even a mommy from erika's previous classmate (amanda) ~ small world. bad news is elli, started to have aches in her hand and legs when school day ended. so mommy took her to see her paed and she was running a this week only went to school 1 day, hopefully all recovered to see her friends next week.

orientation day ~ evi after seeing elli dressed up in full uniform, asked to wear the same. so the 2 went to school together, elli said "mom i am shy walking next to evi, embarrasing". evi pulled off as a std 1 pupil, thanks to her size...funny thing is this girl also happily suck a bottle of milk while walking around the school.

{note - it was super tiring with the heat, excitement & all, mommy need to take the weekend to recover. going to school is hard work}

5 January - evi 1st day in kindy, happy that it was uneventful, no tears, she just went in happily at 8:45 and played along. when mommy & elli (sick didn't go school) went to get her at 12:15 teacher wanted to meet me...oh oh....said evi is too strong willed and do not want to join in circle time. mommy knows evi is just acting herself, she is not different or difficult, just being evi. mommy wants to know if the teacher is able to entice evi by manipulating the environment to let her enjoy circle time (not sure ??). of cos mommy needed to do homework and encourage evi to play "circle time" at home ~ hope it works & no need to see teacher again. today (6 January) evi was all tears at the gate....hopefully dried up fast. report from teacher was evi is much better today and was able to join some group activity....great...more "circle time" play at home to boost this learning experience. she has to learn that she is not the center of the universe...

erika is having a red eye....wanted to do all the home remedy on her like putting a slice of potato on her eye, but she wouldn't let me, so only ice. read that it will go away in a week even if nothing is done, so fingers cross. now her eye is slightly swollen though not red yet.

hope next week will be way better!!

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